Want to Get Your Ex Wife Back? Follow These Steps One by One

Published: 19th July 2009
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Getting your ex wife back is hard enough during a separation, however after the divorce has been finalized it is that much harder. Do not lose hope, there is still a good chance that you can get your wife back, it will just take a lot more work on your part. Always remember she married you for a reason, and this will give you a very slight advantage is rekindling this relationship. It is important to understand that every relationship is different and there is no "one size fits all" quick fix to any type of relationship. There are some very common things that can be done to help jump start the reconciliation process, and these do work for every couple.
The first step is always non-communication. Yes, this does sound a bit insane but it is mandatory if you want the reconciliation to work. This may be easier said than done; after all she is love of your life. Give her and you some time to heal and process what has happened in both of your lives.

During this process take some time you do some serious self-evaluation. This is a time to evaluate both yourself and the relationship. While you are doing this process take a hard look at yourself and the part you played in the down fall of the relationship. This may sound like a harsh thing to do while you are still dealing with the pain, but it also can be a very cleansing exercise. This exercise will also give you and idea of what to work on to win your ex wife's heart back. It also may be a good idea at this point to see a professional. Psychiatrists or councilors can put a new perspective on your relationship and help you work through this time. While you are going through this process your ex wife will get word of all the steps you are taking to help mend the relationship, and it might make the reconciliation process easier.

Do not take the steps lightly or skip them, these are essential in the reconciliation process. This part of the process will help you feel positive about yourself and you will be able to get over the pain of the divorce. Working on both your physical and mental problems will make you feel and look better in everyone's eyes, especially in your ex wife's.

Now comes the tricky part, after you have done these steps, then it is time for a reconnection. By this time you should have figured out what the main problem in your relationship was, and how it can be fixed. If the problem was something that you have done, then you should have already fixed the problem or at the very least started the process. It is also important to realize that once you have made changes to stick with them, and not fall back into your old habits.

Remember that this process takes patience and determination. If and when the reconciliation begins be sure to become the man your ex wife married, and do little things for her to let her know that she is special. This is a life long learning process so embrace it, and hold on to the lessons you have learned; while nothing is ever guaranteed these steps will increase your chances of getting the love of your life back into your arms.
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