Want to Get Your Ex Back? Time Heals All Wounds!

Published: 19th July 2009
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Break ups are an emotionally charged time that for most does not rectify itself quickly. When it comes to relationships, missing your ex can create some very raw emotions such as missing little things about them, including actions most in relationships take for granted. Wanting to get those things back is normal, however reality needs to set in, and you need to realize that your ex might have moved on to greener pastures, or they maybe going through the same emotions. Either way if you want to get your ex back there needs to be some time taken to heal.

Immediately following a break up the first step should always be non-communication. Staying completely out of contact with your ex will allow your emotions to calm down and allow your brain to function again. This means absolutely no contact through email, text messages, phone calls, or seeking information through mutual friends.

The reason that giving each other time alone works is because it gives both of you time to reflect on the relationship and time to heal the emotional wounds that the break up caused. It is also not a good idea to get into another relationship during this healing process. Rebound relationships rarely last and generally just create more pain and confusion. This is a healing time and also a time to figure out exactly what you want and need in your next relationship.

When it comes to this time of healing and reflection take as long as you need, and it is usually recommended the longer you take the better the results. This time will also help you decide if getting back together really is the best solution. Understanding why you want to get your ex back will ensure a better result if you are able to reestablish your relationship.

Everyone is looking for the love of their life, and a truly great relationship is one of a person's most prized commodities. Having a connection with a person who truly understands you and loves you for all of your strengths and weakness is a rarity, and is cherished when it is found. Reestablishing relationships that were once great may take more time than you think, but if you work hard and slow at healing the wounds, then the relationship will be that much stronger.

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