3 Sneaky Ways to Get Your Ex Girlfriend Back

Published: 17th March 2009
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Your relationships are in the doldrums, either you have already broken up with your girl friend or are on the way. You are facing a daunting task of saving a relationship. You are worried that what you say or do might be the wrong thing and you would lose her for good.

Often what you might be thinking to do or say may be wrong. Infact you should do exactly the opposite of what you are thinking of doing. You might be wanting to call or text her but instead you should maintain a distance and be cool.

One word of caution!

These techniques might seem all wrong to you and you may feel like dismissing them but one word of caution! These techniques have always worked no matter how bad the situation may be.

Step # 1: Accept that she has left

In all probability you are badly missing your girl friend but you need to accept the tough situation that she has left you. This will help you give some space to your girl friend and enough time so that she starts missing you.
If you think the right thing would be to convince her to back to you, you couldn't be more wrong. It will infact destroy any chances that you may have to bring her back.

Step #2: Stop any contact

I am sure you are just about done with me and want to read no further, but give me one minute as this is a time proven technique. It tells your girl friend that you are solemn and that you have accepted her moving out. When you don't contact her it helps you to calm down and think about why the relationship faltered. This is when she starts missing you and now is the time to take the final step.

Step # 3: Go out and enjoy!

You are really depressed and this is definitely not what you want to do. The last thing you need is to hang out with your buddies. You should try to relax and going out will help you in the same. It will keep you from thinking too much about the break up and more importantly when she sees that your are moving on with your life she will want you back. She will start missing you and may even get a little jealous.

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